Background verification: Debunking the 5 common misconceptions

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With life and work culture as we know is evolving on an ongoing basis, the new decade has really done justice to the term disruption! HR managers and leaders across industries are adapting themselves to the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA) world. A huge task lays ahead for them – a big hit or miss for their organizations, i.e. hiring the right candidate.

Background verification (BGV) is a primary process that adds a scientific layer of accountability in the process, and thus prevents absolutely bad hires. 

What’s the big deal with one or two bad hires! You say? 

A bad hire can alone cause multitudes of problems, few of them include:

  1. Impacts the organization financially (research estimates the cost of bad hire being 3 times annual remuneration!)
  2. Causes reputational damage
  3. Team morale gets negatively impacted
  4. Leads to cultural imbalance

More often than not background verification (BGV) is mistakenly synonymised with just police verification or prior employment check. However, BGV can mean one or more of 25+ checks in the new world. Typically an organization would conduct 4-7 checks for every candidate.  

As OnGrid celebrates its 5th year, we will be debunking 5 of the common misconceptions around background verification processes in this blog!

1. It’s a paper-heavy process with constant HR intervention!

Smart BGV practices require zero paper and Zero HR intervention. At OnGrid, all you have to do is provide the email ID and name of the candidate, and the downstream process is taken care of.

2. Takes months to complete a candidate’s BGV.

Some basic checks get completed in a day, or even a few hours. A few checks can take days, but smart BGV platforms allow you to access the results of the checks real-time, as and when they get completed. 

3. Background verification is nothing but police verification, right?

Well the answer is NOOOOOO!! BGV is a combination of various different checks such as verification of ID, address, education record, employment records, or professional reference checks, criminal record checks, global database checks, etc. OnGrid platform lets you choose from a buffet of 25+ checks that can be customized as per your requirement. You can also pick different checks for different staff categories.

4. What about data privacy? 

BGV is not detective agency work. All information and documents that get verified should definitely be done with the consent of the candidate. The second part of ensuring privacy is limiting the purpose, i.e. using the information and documents only for the purpose of verifying the same. And ofcourse, when you use third party platforms like OnGrid, the data remains secure and reports are only available to authorized users. And at the end of all this, if the candidate wants a right to forget, that is, remove all information from the platform, one must respect that choice. 

5. It’s way too expensive! 

Use of technology and process automation has brought down the cost of BGV significantly over the last one decade.

OnGrid platform offers BGV for all staff and contractor profiles- be it white-collar or blue-collar professionals, at highly competitive rates. Book A Demo now and get a BGV package recommendation and quote right away! With the world moving actively towards a digital way of doing things, be a pioneer in adding accountability to your hires, thus making your office a safe and a great place to work!

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