Continuous Background Checks for Enhanced Compliance

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If you are an employer, you might think that background verification (BGV) is something you do only once when you hire a new employee. But that’s not the case. BGV is a continuous process that helps you maintain trust and safety in your workforce.

“Jeffrey Dahmer was employed while committing the most gruesome acts against humanity ”

Why do you need periodic BGV?

Various aspects related to employees are not static. Employees may change their address. They may start working for another employer while they are also working with you (moonlighting), thus taking undue advantage of the work-from-home policy. They may commit a crime while being employed with you, or start consuming drugs. These changes can affect their performance and/or their suitability to continue working in your organization.

These are some of the risks that periodic BGV can cover for you. By conducting regular checks on your employees, you can ensure that your employees are fit for your work environment. 

What are the common checks and verifications for periodic BGV?

  1. Criminal and Court Record Verification
  2. Global Database Check    
  3. Police Verification
  4. Address Verification 
  5. Dual Employment / Moonlighting Check
  6. 5-Panel Drug Test

Now all of these checks may not be relevant for your entire workforce or should be done very frequently. Once in 6/12 months is generally good enough (and in line with various regulations). You need to make a judgment call on the key safety, performance, or compliance risks you face, and choose the checks accordingly for periodic BGV. 

How can OnGrid help you with periodic BGV?

OnGrid is India’s leading background verifications (BGV) platform working with over 3000 organizations, that can help you conduct periodic checks on your employees with ease and efficiency. OnGrid offers 100+ checks, verifications, and APIs to help you verify your employees’ identity, education, employment, criminal history, address, references, and more.

OnGrid also offers a user-friendly portal that allows you to monitor the end-to-end lifecycle of the BGV, track the progress, status of your BGV requests, and view detailed reports and insights, etc.

If you want to know more about how OnGrid can help you with periodic BGV, write to or book a demo now! 

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