Address Verification In The Times of Social Distancing

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With the pandemic changing the dynamics of business across the globe, India is no stranger to this paradigm shift. While companies are adapting themselves to the new normal, the show must go on!

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.” —Deepak Chopra

The entire nation is moving towards the New Normal with Unlock 1.0, and organisations are already resuming their operations PAN India. Hiring managers are back on their toe hunting for the highest quality workforce that fits their expectations.

OnGrid has worked with CHROs and HR leaders of more than 500 companies,  with a mix of unicorns, fortune 500s, and startups! The common concerns among the leaders are to ensure the quality of their workforce. Resumes being exaggerated, and documents being forged is not helping! And that’s why they rely on background verification (BGV) platforms like OnGrid.  Address verification is a part of such BGV exercise, but the concern is how to go ahead with address verification while maintaining social distancing. 

“How do you verify an address without a physical visit?”

Well fret not my dear Watsons; OnGrid has introduced a robust methodology to conduct address verification in a remote manner, while not breaking the sanctity of social distancing. Is in line with our vision to build processes and methodologies for “smart BGV”!

Follow these steps to get your employees’ address verified in 1 day!

  1. Send them a link for video-KYC based address verification
  2. Employee will receive a verification link
  3. Employee chooses from over 7 languages (we don’t let language be a barrier)
  4. Employee uploads ID and address proof, captures selfie, home video, location using a simple and easy-to-understand mobile web interface 

Employee clicks submit, and voila, you are done. We take care of the rest! To know more, request a demo, or drop a note at

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