2023 Recap: Celebrating Successes, Envisioning the Future in 2024

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Happy New Year 2024!

As we step into this brand new year, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering trust and support throughout the previous year. On behalf of the entire OnGrid team, we extend our warmest wishes for a prosperous and fulfilling year ahead.

As we step into 2024, let’s reflect on our 2023 achievements in line with our mission to foster high-trust interactions for individuals and organizations:


1. More than 20 new checks rolled out in 2023. 3000+ organizations used OnGrid to verify their employees, contractors, users, customers and vendors. 

2. A bulk document upload feature is now available that facilitates faster and simplified BGV initiation

3. Automated reminders to candidates resolved over 60% of insufficiencies in the first 3 days, thus making a significant impact on reducing TAT

4. Organizations can now configure result values and color codes in line with their internal processes

5. Finally, in line with international expansion plans, OnGrid platform is now available in 12 more countries around the world. 

Logo Gridlines

1. 25 new APIs added for organizations to integrate their onboarding and KYC apps, including DigiLocker, PAN and GST APIs with detailed output, Vehicle RC API with detailed output, instant employment history verification, UPI IDs check, liveliness check. 

2. A free sandbox facility has been added for organizations to test out APIs instantly, and for free

3. Bulk/ batch processing capabilities introduced to instantly verify hundreds of thousands of records

1. A new eLockr website was launched! Click here to check it out. 

2. 15,000+ organizations benefitted from eLockr, as they could verify employment credentials instantly

3. Verifiable experience certificates can now be issued for free for all ex-employees

4. Significant enhancements to eLockr portal for organizations issuing credentials using eLockr

OnGrid In Media

Raising awareness about diverse facets of trust, safety and compliance, OnGrid and eLockr garnered attention from esteemed media outlets such as The StatesmanFinancial Express,and PeopleMatters. The coverage delved into topics ranging from emerging trends and innovations in BGV to the vision of eLockr, from automation to a paradigm shift in BGV from weeks to hours.


OnGrid’s strategic partnerships revolutionize HR operations, ushering in unparalleled ease and efficiency to the HR fraternity.

We forged partnerships with 15+ tech organizations, expanding the reach of our BGV and API-based customer onboarding solutions. 

OnGrid Team

This year has been remarkable for the OnGrid team as we welcomed nearly 200 new talents across various sectors! Additionally, we upgraded to a modern and vibrant office space, fostering creativity within the team.

The Best Is Yet To Come!

Get ready for an exciting 2024 with OnGrid! We’re launching advanced field audits, vendor and entity due diligence, Aadhaar-enabled eSign and many more services. Expect enhanced security with automated fraud checks and faster criminal/court record verifications that can be done using a simple API call. eLockr is expanding globally with issuance of education credentials.

Thank you for your continued trust and support. We look forward to being your partner for building higher trust, safety, and compliance.

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