Re-imagine onboarding with Instant Employment History Check

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Employment history check can be a very powerful tool, especially if done instantly using an API. The following use cases are some of the most relevant ones.


  • While validating a CV (resume) before the interview process
    • An employment History Check (or EHC) can validate the information declared by the candidate in her/his CV (resume). This way, you can ensure that time and effort is allocated to candidates with the correct and consistent employment history.
  • While onboarding a new employee
    • Employment verification is an important component of background checks. While traditional background checks can take time, a simple API can relay the employment history instantly. This in turn, also ensures HR and ISO compliance.
  • While processing a new loan application
    • A consistent employment record can help digital lenders build confidence in the loan applicant’s ability to repay the loan.

Input required

EHC can be done by entering the UAN, i.e. the Universal Account Number, along with the consent of the candidate. Most candidates these days are aware of their UAN, and it will not be too difficult for them to enter the same in an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), HRMS / HCMS, or an application that allows users to apply for loans.

Building a simple digital journey to onboard employees and loan applicants can make business functions far more efficient in the way they do business.

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